Ink Toner

Facts about Ink Toner

Photocopy machines and laser printers use some kind of printing powder called ink toner to from the images and text on the printed paper. They are used to keep abreast with high end printers in terms of printing quality. Before, this type of printing powder is a combination of iron and carbon oxides but with the technological advancements, high quality and better toners were developed using polymers which is blended with carbon.

The heat of the fuser melts the toner particles, thus, binding it to the paper. Manufacturers of toners have varying formulation and also depend on the kind of machine used. More advanced toner cartridges are used for color copiers and they often come in magenta, black, cyan and yellow.

Several years back, toners are only available in black ink. But with the development of color laser jets and color copiers, colored toners became a necessity. The toner’s original particle size has an average of 14 to 16 micrometers of even greater. The particle size is reduced to improve the image resolution. There are developments being done to further reduce the size of the particle so that further improvement in terms of resolution will be achieved.

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