Ink Toner

Ink Toner Beware of Counterfeits

You may have experienced being offered with ink toner cartridges offered at an inexpensive price by the marketer without giving much information on the toner’s actual component. This is often done on several areas wherein buyers are often deceived by false markings, not realizing the hoax. Because the prices are very cheap, they become irresistible to people. Aside from this, it is difficult to tell the difference in quality and color between the genuine and the counterfeit cartridge component.

Counterfeiting this product is being done in several regions so you should be sharp and smart when dealing with these fake products. Among these regions are Asia, Nigeria, China, Paraguay, Egypt, Philippines, Ukraine and Russia. In Russia, authorities are putting up much effort in cracking up counterfeit western branded products such as computer games and toner cartridges. For the average Russian, branded products are extremely expensive providing great opportunity for counterfeiters to take up the scene and offer cheap toner cartidges.

However, there are still many legitimate suppliers in these regions offering authentic products and services. All you need to do is be vigilant in determining which is fake and genuine and find those genuine toner cartridges suppliers.

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